The manuscripts of all scientific articles submitted to the editorial office are subject to two-way blind review: the authors are not informed of the names of the reviewers, and the reviewers are not informed of the names of the authors.

As reviewers, scientists and specialists in the field of food technologies with professional knowledge and experience in the scientific field corresponding to the problems of the reviewed work, including members of the editorial board of the journal “Izvestiya Vuzov. Food technology”. Reviewers must have publications on the subject of the reviewed article in the last 3 years.

The reviewer is selected by the decision of the editor-in-chief or his deputies.

The reviewer may not be the author or co-author of the reviewed work, as well as the supervisor of the degree applicant and employees of the department in which the author works.

Reviewers should not be employees of the same organization.

In their activities, reviewers should take an unbiased professional position that contributes to the development of science, while being guided by the principles of publication ethics.

Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts of scientific articles sent to them are the intellectual property of the authors and relate to information not subject to disclosure.

The review period may not exceed thirty calendar days from the date of receipt of the manuscript to the reviewer.

In case of refusal to review for objective reasons, the manuscript is sent to another reviewer.

The review should contain an objective analysis of the manuscript of a scientific article, including an assessment of the relevance, scientific novelty and practical significance of the presented material, the originality of the results obtained and conclusions based on them, the contribution to filling the existing gap in knowledge, as well as the scientific and technical level of presentation (style, professionalism, use of accepted terms and designations, literacy, language culture, etc.).

The review submission form is given in the IVPT Review Template (docx).

The review is signed by the reviewer with a transcript of the surname, first name and patronymic, indicating the date, academic degree, academic and honorary (if any) title and position held by the reviewer. The reviewer’s signature must be certified by the seal of the organization in accordance with the established procedure. A scanned copy of the review is sent to the editorial board of the journal by e-mail The original review is sent to the editorial office at the address: 350072, Russia, GSP, Krasnodar, Moskovskaya str., 2, Kuban State Technological University, editorial office of the journal “Izvestiya vuzov. Food technology”, building A, room 330a.

If the reviewer has comments on the manuscript of the article that require the participation of the author (authors) in its revision, the editorial board sends the manuscript with the reviewer’s comments to the author (authors) for revision, while the deadline for the revision of the second (authors) of the manuscript is no more than three weeks.

The corrected manuscript is sent for re-review to the same reviewer. At the same time, the reviewer gives a final conclusion about the possibility of publishing the manuscript in the journal.

If a negative review is received, the manuscript is sent for review to another reviewer.

In the presence of two negative reviews, the author(s) is sent a reasoned refusal to publish the manuscript, certified by the editor-in-chief of the journal or his deputy.

Based on the results of the review, a decision is made on the publication of the manuscript, on the revision of the manuscript in accordance with the comments of the reviewer or on the rejection of the manuscript.

The final decision on the possibility of publication after receiving a positive review and in controversial situations is made by the editor-in-chief, and, if necessary— by the editorial board as a whole.

The review is placed together with the published article when uploaded to the Scientific Electronic Library platform in the RSCI system.

The original reviews are kept in the editorial office for three years, after which they are destroyed by the act.

A copy of the review is provided at the written request of the author(s) of the manuscript of a scientific article or the Expert council of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia signed by the editor-in-chief without specifying the surname, first name, patronymic, position and place of work of the reviewer. The name of the reviewer can be communicated to the author only after obtaining the consent of the reviewer.