Бутина Е.А.

Dear friends, dear authors and colleagues!

I heartily congratulate everyone on the 65th anniversary of the scientific and technical journal Izvestia of Higher Educational Institutions. Food technology.
For many specialists in the field of food technology, our journal marks the beginning of a path to great science. Publication on the pages of the journal of the results of their first research, acquaintance with articles published here by senior colleagues, well-known scientists help to improve in the chosen profession.
I remember with what attention the responsible secretary Raisa Timofeevna Lipkina and the editor-in-chief Vladimir Grigoryevich Shcherbakov treated my first publications in the journal. Communication with them was a real school of correct analysis of the results of the study and the form of their presentation in the form of a scientific article.
Realizing the measure of responsibility of the editor-in-chief of a scientific publication to authors and readers, as well as the high honor of being the successor in this position of famous scientists who created and developed our journal, I promise to continue working to improve it and promote it in the scientific community.
A specialist should always be interested in broadening his horizons, getting acquainted with the results of the latest achievements in his field, in a constructive discussion. The most productive means of meeting such needs is a specialized printed scientific publication. The more relevant, informative, original articles published in it, the more it is in demand and the higher its rating indicators, which are so attractive to you and me. At the same time, it depends on us, on the quality of our publications, how high the rating of our magazine will be!
Today the journal “News of universities. Food Technology” is included in group K1 of the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission. Let’s not stop there and strive for our journal to become an information platform for the exchange of truly advanced scientific ideas!
I wish you all original solutions, bold experiments, significant scientific discoveries, the results of which will become material for your new interesting and popular scientific publications!

E. A. Butina
is the editor-in-chief of the journal Izvestia Vuzov. Food Technology”,
Doctor of Technical Sciences,
Professor of the Kuban State Technological University”