Goals and objectives of the scientific and technical journal “Izvestiya vuzov. Food technology”

The priority objective of the journal is to disseminate in the Russian and international scientific community the most important results of scientific activity of scientists of universities and scientific organizations of Russia, CIS and far abroad countries in the field of food industry and related industries, expanding the presence of their achievements in the international scientific information space.

The main objectives of the journal are to publish the most important results of scientific research, theoretical and experimental research carried out in Russian and foreign universities and scientific organizations, to unite the efforts of various categories of researchers of scientific intelligentsia in creating, expanding and supporting a single space of scientific communication, strengthening interaction between scientific publications of regional, federal and international level with in order to avoid duplication, mutual use of the experience of organizing and conducting scientific research, further development of the food direction of science, promotion of scientific achievements in production, strengthening the economy of food enterprises, improving the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel and specialists for the food industry.

An important task is also to promote the journal in the international information space, to increase its status, to attract the attention of the Russian and international readership (academicians, corresponding members, doctors and candidates of sciences, doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduates and production workers) to solving pressing problems of science and production in the field of food industry.